A lonely tree

A lonely tree 
In the evening from the classroom out, slowly walked. Suddenly smelled a faint scent, looked up, found not far from the banyan tree, the flowers do not know when already thanks. Standing under a tree, watching it Leng Leng trance.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
A pair of lovers from tree walk hand in hand, to uphold the whispering, at the moment, I suddenly felt lonely tree good – it’s a tree, I do not know where it comes from also do not know whether the land slowly grew old . It is in your own life in the dress of the campus, from spring to autumn, but we are only standing under a tree in the spring and summer to see its jewels beckon, even in people have not found it beautiful time it already gone with the wind; like me, daytime lethargy campus life at this time occupied my mind also hindered my sense of smell. At the moment only a wisp of fragrance floated into the room at night breeze blowing, when I suddenly awake when it found the good times already gone. Call the wind, ghost thoughts, like the tree, it will spend Xie, its fragrance lasting, even more elegant, even more pure ……Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
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