American universities do not like to train Chinese students

Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. American universities do not like to train Chinese students Although the number of Chinese students in America in recent years was a significant increase in the state, but not difficult to find in a variety of American elite admissions data released in April, the number of these schools admit students from China, but it is in decline.
In early April, “Harvard Magazine” (Harvard Magazine) Disclosure of Harvard University 2020 Undergraduate Asian session admission rate hit a new high of AAPI students admission rate of 22.1%. However, in the subsequent release of the data we can see that Chinese students enrolled in the United States increasingly from high school in mainland China early admission only two, and are foreign. Other schools in the United States, Princeton University early admission of Chinese students for the two, Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. read a book in the United States are high school; the Yale early admission of Chinese students to six people, one of whom are foreigners.
Yale School of Management tenured professor Chen Zhiwu (microblogging) also recently wrote a discussion of students from China increasing from US elite favorite worries. He wrote in the article, a finance professor at prestigious universities in the United States with the Chinese, he said the school’s doctoral students in the future may no longer recruit Chinese students, because Chinese students over the years, beginning grades are good, doctoral thesis when also OK, American universities do not like to train Chinese students  but wait until graduation to find a teaching job on the academic market, they are performing well, no way to find a first-class university faculty. So they do not want to cultivate a Chinese student.
Zhiwu Chen also said that even though Yale and other universities, also discussed the same problem. Although these schools have not decided exactly Ting Zhao Chinese students, but since then, there is less conscious trick or occasionally do not move. He concluded, intelligent and diligent student of the reason for the US elite Chinese disappointment, mainly because there are two aspects, one educational philosophy, teaching methods, including Chinese parents parenting approach, on the other hand is the Confucian culture, especially Chinese respected “obedience obedient” and the culture of filial piety, these cultural imprint, wherever Chinese people can not lose.
However, some students do not agree with America Zhiwu summary, they think to compare the United States, the Chinese students is not harder than the students of American University Education System. A graduate to the United States (microblogging) postgraduate students on campus with very specific personal example wrote a “hard-working Americans than we imagined,” the post to illustrate this point, this post got a lot of studying ( microblogging) student recognition and users of the hot. American universities do not like to train Chinese students  Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.

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