An ordinary Chinese people think about retiring Obama

An ordinary Chinese people think about retiring Obama 
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Time flies, the last president of the United States has a deep impression of the reason the US military attack on Iraq,less than a moth ,they scored Baghdad,and then ,is Obama,he is a black,how can he got the president?In my imagination, the United States is discrimination against blacks, so do black president, whites will fully oppose,yeah ,but he did ,I dont know more details of his inaugural address,just  say oh ,a black ,may be he will change the attitude to China,may be  we can friends,and then ,I found I was wrong ,he is kind of hate us ,he let warships to the South China Sea exercises, partial to Japan,I think he doesnt know how the Chinese hate Japanese,and we hate the weakness of the government, we always say ,fuck him ,I would like to kill the Japanese even if I die,but just say that ,so many Chinese people hate Obama too ,and now ,it is the year of 2016,I say he cry ,I know he was crying for the firearms,I just think he love the  US ,and I am proud of all the people of the United States,you are very lucky,I dont know why ,I had to say that ,I think we might be fought in the South China Sea  in the future,guess who will win ,and Obama ,you do very well ,I want take a picture with you if I could .When you just took the time, you are very young, black hair, your hair is all white now, so maybe I have to call you old Obama ,era belongs to young people, I hope the next president of the United States will be younger,but now ,I think its impossible.haha,No matter who the leaders, I hope our future will be a partner and not an enemy.oh ,you know what I do ?we just make fake certificate, our website ,just have a look if you need .

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