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Thompson Rivers University (TRU) was formerly known as The Cariboo College, a public comprehensive college established by the British Columbia government in 1970. The school is located in Kamloops, 300 kilometers from Vancouver. More than 10,000 people, including more than 800 international students, from more than 50 countries and regions. The ESL program is tailored for international students who are preparing to attend university professional courses but whose language scores have not yet reached the standard. The ESL program is divided into five levels. Generally speaking, students can upgrade at least one grade for each semester (about 4 months).  buy TRU degree, buy TRU diploma, buy TRU certificate, buy TRU transcript, buy TRU fake degree, buy TRU fake diploma, buy TRU fake certificate, TRU degree sample, TRU diploma sample, TRU certificate sample, TRU degree for sale, where to buy TRU diploma, reproduce TRU diploma, reproduce TRU degree, The main content of the course includes: English, listening, speaking, reading, writing and other compulsory subjects, as well as Canadian native culture, popular culture and other elective subjects. When students’ language proficiency reaches level 3 or higher in the ESL program, TRU allows students to study some of the university’s basic subjects at the same time, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
ESL course: January (Winter); May (Summer); September (Fall)
University professional courses: January and September each year
Tuition fee: College or undergraduate course: CAD$8,000/semester
Pre-MBA: $6800/semester MBA program, 16 months: $28900
Home Living Cost: (inclusive meal) Approx. $600/month

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