How to buy Hong Kong Driving Licence, where to make fake Hong Kong Driving Licence, obtain fake Hong Kong Driving Licence, purchase fake Hong Kong Driving Licence, The Hong Kong Driving Licence is issued by the Hong Kong Transport Department and is generally valid for 10 years. Driver’s licenses are usually used in conjunction with identification documents, so there is less personal information on the driver’s license. The latest version of the driver’s license is updated on October 28, 2002. It only contains the holder’s Chinese and English names, the ID number (usually the same as the Hong Kong identity card number), the type of vehicle permitted to be driven and its validity period. buy fake diploma online, 出售香港駕駛執照,原版製作香港駕駛執照,哪裡可以買到香港假駕駛執照,The driver’s license from the 1970s to the 1980s was originally affixed with a photo of the holder, and the authorities subsequently cancelled the practice.
Those who study driving at the Hong Kong Driving School / Kwun Tong Driving School will conduct a B-level assessment at the Driving Test Centre in the College and conduct a C-level assessment on the roads near the College. Participants from the Hong Kong Driving School appointed C-level assessments in the vicinity of their respective branch schools. These routes were dedicated to trainees of the Hong Kong Driving School. The private car and light goods trainees of the Kwun Tong Driving School were designated to conduct a C assessment near the Yau Tong Driving Test Centre.購買假香港駕駛執照,香港駕駛執照價格。
Those who are driving in other driving schools/private masters may choose to take a test in a certain district (Hong Kong Island/Kowloon and New Territories) (the Kowloon New Territories is a district which cannot be separated), if the vehicle type to be tested is more than in the district. A driving test center will randomly select one of them. If the car type has only one area to be assessed, then only the designated area should be selected. For example, the motorcycle can only choose the Tianguang Road in Kowloon. The heavy goods vehicle can only choose Tsuen Wan in the New Territories.


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