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The Open University is known as The Open University. The Open University was approved by the British Royal Charter in 1969 and was officially established in 1971. It is an independent, autonomous national higher education institution that has the right to award degrees. The school offers 133 undergraduate courses. The courses include: Department of Humanities, Department of Mathematics, Department of Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Process Technology, School of Education, and Open Business School.  buy OUM degree,  buy OUM diploma, buy OUM certificate, buy OUM transcript, buy OUM fake degree, buy OUM fake diploma, buy OUM fake certificate, OUM degree sample, OUM diploma sample, OUM certificate sample, where to buy OUM diploma, buy fake degree from OUM. Postgraduate courses include mathematics, advanced education and social research methods, education, literature, computer applications in industry, manufacturing and business management. Textbooks include textbooks, self-test questions, recommended titles, specially designed home lab equipment, and video tapes. The school has trained 9% of university graduates for the UK. More and more people come to study courses or buy textbooks to teach themselves. The school strives to provide all kinds of schooling opportunities for people from all walks of life (including women, the disabled, etc.).

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