fake degree, a growing number of international students want

so you will know how hard is this and how can we do it 
After getting assurance, he acknowledged the fact: he knew from the beginning, the application materials are false.Two years ago, Liu Fei after reading two years of college in the country, came to Britain to continue studying, and get a college diploma. This summer, he began to apply for graduate students. Soon, he relies on his ability to get the admission notice of a university. That’s when a friend suggested that he, as an intermediary look, try the University of Newcastle.Liu Fei very clear what “intermediary” means. According to him, in the circle of Chinese students, through the intermediary making false material and get the admission notice of the phenomenon is not uncommon. “However, very few really found out.”Find an termediary is a “trend”, as is not deception, Liu Fei said he did not consider too much. His undergraduate grades is 2.2 (second, etc. The first two levels), and to apply for the University of Newcastle, you need at least 2.1 or higher results. British transcript difficult to change, therefore, the agency decided to apply for his domestic achievements. Because the agency promised him nsuccessful not charge a penny,” he agreed to give it a try.”Unsuccessful without losing anything,” he later explained, “success is not better?” So, the agency help him “make” the application materials. According to regulations, when graduate students in the UK to apply for graduate students, it does not require a TOEFL score, but in order from domestic applicants, the agency has for him, “production” of TOEFL results.Soon after, these materials in exchange for a letter of admission Liu Fei University of Newcastle.

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