fake degree, a growing number of international students


 a growing number of international students

According to New Zealand’s day-dimensional network quoted NZ Herald News reported that as of June this year, New Zealand this year, net immigration population has reached 5.83 million, the 11th consecutive month set a record.
New Zealand’s annual average over the past decade to move into a population of only 3.7 million, while last year alone, the number reached 6.39 million. However, most of this growth comes from growth in the number of foreign students. Last year, the number of student visas issued increased from 7700 to 25,800 copies copies. The students are mostly from India and China, where 1.01 million people in India, China 4900.
Information Statistics economist Mieke Welvaert said, according to seasonally adjusted visa category in the second quarter compared to the number of student visas in the first quarter, essentially unchanged. “Substantial growth in student arrivals is not unexpected, since 2014 a student visa policy adjustment, the number of applicants to grow significantly, the result will lead to growth in arrivals.”
As of June this year, the largest category of visa is a work visa, up to 3.52 million, an increase of 4,100 over last year, and the largest source country workers to sign a British officer, reaching 6100 people.
Westpac economist Felix Delbruck expect net migration will gradually decrease over time, but the process will be very slow. “Reconstruction Project Canterbury region will reach the peak, while New Zealand’s economic growth is slowing, which will lead to decline in the attractiveness of New Zealand immigration, but the work and income expected in Australia is still not optimistic, this will lead to a lot of New Zealanders reflux, “Delbruck said.

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