Fake degree. Board discusses student outcomes data, Universi


Fake degree. Board discusses student outcomes data, University rankings.Members of the Board of Visitors discussed gathering student outcomes data and the University’s rankings in publications like the U.S. News & World Report in Thursday’s meeting of the Academic and Student Life Committee.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate.

During the open portion of the meeting the committee heard from Carl Zeithaml, dean of the McIntire School of Commerce, and Bob Pianta, dean of the Curry School of Education.

The University’s rankings potentially impact the Commerce School and Curry School admissions, as both programs pull their undergraduate population from a pool of University students. Therefore the quality of the undergraduate population determines the quality of the individual schools’ student bodies, Pianta said.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate.

“At the Curry School, outcomes is an area we pay an extraordinary amount of attention to with respect to rankings,” Pianta said. “It’s a sign of the larger competitiveness of the University and our positioning as a school within the University.”

Both deans said, however, that the incentive to raise rankings does not dictate the educational experiences they provide.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate.Fake degree. Board discusses student outcomes data, University rankings.

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