How To Get A Golden Gate University Diploma? GGU Degree.



How To Get A Golden Gate University Diploma? GGU Degree.


Golden Gate University (GGU or Golden Gate) is a private, university in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1901, GGU specializes in educating professionals through its schools of law, business, taxation, and accounting. The university offers six undergraduate degrees with eleven concentrations and 15 graduate degrees with 24 concentrations.

How To  Get A GGU Degree Online?

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The university has five schools and offered a university degree in this subject for the first time in the same year:
Law School (1901)
Edward Ajeno Business School (1908)
School of Accounting (1908)
Bruce F. Braden
Undergraduate College (2019)
The Golden Gate University School of Law was established in 1901. It was the first law school in Northern California to implement evening courses and one of the oldest law schools in the western United States. The Law School offers JD, LLM, and JSD (Doctor of Judicial Sciences) degrees, while the Ageno School of Business offers BA, BS, MS, MBA, PMBA, and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degrees. Braden School of Taxation offers a master’s degree in taxation, and the School of Accounting offers a master’s degree in accounting.

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Golden Gate first offered distance education programs in 1993 via correspondence, online courses in 1997, then began offering fully accredited online degree programs in 1998. Online offerings include 13 graduate degrees, two undergraduate degrees, seven graduate certificates, and 10 undergraduate certificates, all of which can be completed entirely online. GGU’s Online program is rated #89 in US News & World Report’s list of the Top Online Graduate Business Programs, while the online bachelor’s program was ranked #63 out of 1,200 programs evaluated. GGU currently uses the Moodle online learning platform to manage and deliver course content.

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