how much are fake degrees and fake diplomas?


How much are fake degrees and fake diplomas?
        Fake degrees and fake diplomas are sold as different prices in different companies. With the development of the society, more and more people enroll in the postgraduate examination for getting a high diploma. It is believed that high diploma equals to high ability and profound knowledge. Most companies are inclined to hire the people with high diploma. It seems that having high diploma means a better future.
  However, is it really true that high diploma equals to high ability or profound knowledge? Some people do not agree on this kind of idea. They claim that ability or knowledge means more than diploma. Take Bill Gates, the head of the Microsoft, for example, he does not have a MBA degree which is believed to play a vital role in the success in commercial life. Furthermore, Sam Walton of Wal—Mart Stores Inc. does not a MBA degree, but they are the most successful man in commercial.
  In my opinion, diploma does not equal to knowledge. A diploma is a piece of paper which establishes your education degree. But your true ability and the real knowledge come from your hard work and endowment. If you got a diploma by dishonest behavior, no matter how high a diploma it is, it were just a piece of paper, and you were as blank as that paper. how to buy degrees from USA, how to buy degree form Australia, buy fake degrees from UK, buy fake degrees form Canada

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