How much money will be cost to do a fake certificate fake d

 how much is the fake certificate

Some people complain to me ,too expensive to do a fake degree ,can I have a discount?I told them no ,I  cant ,and they are unhappy,did the want the cheaper one ?No ,they think thats
too bad .they want us ,so I have to say ,you  know what you want ,when you can get a better one ,who want the worse one ,thats what I say ,I say to everyone ,you will get what you pay for ,I was wrong ,a friend buy a diploma cost him $200,what he get ?nothing ,he grt nothing ! when he pay them the money ,he cant contact them anymore ,then he say to me ,say I was a cheater,I 
had to ask ,I told you so ,why you still trust them ,just  because the price ?what you got ?he finally choose us ,and he was satisfied wth the quality,that it bro ,you can see our website ,,every sample was shooting by us ,you can see it ,and we have many video in youtube ,and in there ,you can see  all details ,is this still not enough? contact me on the Skype :adolph.863 ,oh ,you may ask ,which is your position ,china, you know china right ?and  you know what  we  good at ,yeah ,that I say ,our fake certificate is just as the real one !you can see our website one more time

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