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INSEAD master degree
The European Business School (INSEAD International Business School), which has three campuses in France, Fontainebleau (near Paris), Asia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, is one of the largest and most influential independent business schools in the world. Europe’s most respected business school ranked first in history. INSEAD was founded in 1957. After World War II, Europe was in ruins. Two French professors working at Harvard Business School believed that the revitalization of Europe required a group of qualified professional managers and entrepreneurs,  buy INSEAD degree, INSEAD diploma sample, where to make INSEAD diploma, how to buy INSEAD degree, INSEAD master degreeINSEAD bachelor degree, how much for INSEADdiploma, so the idea of ​​starting a business school was born. . After three years of repeated negotiations with the French government and investors, Yingshi International Business School was formally established in Fontainebleau, the seat of the French royal palace.
MBA: 1 year. 15 core courses + 7 elective courses.
Main courses: Introduction to Management, Finance, Market Management, Management Behavior, Organization Management, Strategic Management, Economic Analysis, International Political Analysis, etc.
Language requirements: GMAT700 and above and third language
Start time: January (Singapore, France) and September (France).
Tuition: ~60,000.00 Euro
Living expenses: Living expenses are around €1,000 per month

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