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buy a University of Northampton degree, fake University of Northampton degree, fake University of Northampton diploma, fake University of Northampton certificate, The University of Northampton is a large, state-of-the-art, high-skilled institution of higher learning located in Northampton, a city in the middle of England. how to buy University of Northampton degree, where to make University of Northampton fake degree, buy University of Northampton bachelor degree, Although not far from London and Birmingham, Bei’an’s living consumption level is only less than half of them. Its high level of teaching quality and low cost of studying abroad attract international students from all over the world. It already has two campuses, the Park and the Avenue, and the Waterside Campus, which will cost hundreds of millions of pounds. University of Northampton diploma order, University of Northampton diploma for sale, how much for University of Northampton degree, University of Northampton degree sampleAt the same time, the school’s leather technology profession ranks first in Europe, and its high level of teaching quality combined with unparalleled hardware facilities make Northampton University a representative of emerging universities in the UK.
Entry Requirements
Master’s program (one year)
1, four-year undergraduate or above, English score IELTS 6.5 points or more, single item is not less than 5.5.
2. Three-year college graduate, more than two years of work experience, English score IELTS 6.5 points or more, single item no less than 5.5.
3. MBA requires at least two years of work experience, IELTS 6.5 or more, and a single item of not less than 5.5.
4. IELTS 6.0 plus 6 weeks of language.
Undergraduate course (three years)
1. At least 17 years of age, higher than 2nd grade in high school, and IELTS 5 or above, you can directly enroll in a four-year undergraduate course, which is one year of college preparatory course and three years of undergraduate course.
2. Graduated from two-year or three-year degree, with IELTS 6 points and no less than 5.5 in a single item, you can apply directly to the third year of university (the last year).


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