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Buy Fake University of Chester Diploma, How to Make University of Chester Fake Degree, buy fake diploma online, Buy Fake UK Certificate, Founded in 1839, the University of Chester is one of the oldest comprehensive public universities in the UK. It was originally an educational institution founded by the British Church to train faculty and is the first higher education institution in the UK. It now has nearly 20,000. a student. The University of Chester is located in the small and beautiful old town of Chester (the capital of Cheshire) in northwest England, less than an hour from Liverpool and Manchester. The school has seven campuses in Chester, located in Chester and surrounding areas. Obtain University of Chester Fake Diploma, Create Fake University of Chester Transcript, Fake University of Chester Diploma For Sale, BUY FAKE DIPLOMA, FAKE DEGREE.
English requirements
1. IELTS score: 6.0 for the undergraduate degree, not less than 5.5 for a single item; 6.5 for a master’s degree and 5.5 for a single item (a total of 7 for individual majors).
2. Pass the English Test in the University of Chester, UK. The University of Chester provides flexible and convenient language testing for students who do not match the true language proficiency of the IELTS test due to uncontrolled factors. Students who pass the internal test can be exempted from IELTS scores or language courses and apply for visa admission.
Academic requirements
The University of Chester accepts students from high school, college and undergraduate (including reading) or equivalent Chinese qualifications and diplomas to apply for pre-university, undergraduate and master’s degree programs.


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