I have some understanding of poetry

I have some understanding of poetry
For those of us who just entered the university in the past ten years of study, exposure to the Tang and Song poetry than more, while the Six Dynasties poetry is relatively small, only know a few very prestigious, such as the evil “on “,” Jiangnan “,” Mo Mulberry “and so on. But it is these poems aroused my interest in the Six Dynasties Poetry. Now there is no academic pressure, freshman curriculum is relatively small so I put aside the “Tang Song Yuan”, turning the “Six Dynasties Poetry.”
  Mr. Bai Zonghua said: “Late Han Dynasty is China’s political chaos, the society’s most painful times, and therefore is one of the richest artistic spirit of the times bloody, swords but reminders opened bright art. flowers, luscious fruit brewed literature. “Cao Liu Wei, three Fu, Jin has Pan, Lu Ji, Ruan Zhan Lu, Song has Xie Lingyun and Tao Yuanming, Bao Zhao, Qi Xie Tiao there, there is Liu Liang Hui, Wu Jun …… author diverse.
  Take this opportunity to write the study notes I compiled a reading thoughts. Here I will literary heritage, literary and philosophizing Six three write my reading experience.
The first is the literary heritage.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  The ancient Chinese art of poetry is a very developed country, the golden age of Chinese poetry development is undoubtedly the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty poetry as an artistic pinnacle of Chinese development has the following signs: one is Li Bai, Du Fu, the two unprecedented emergence of the great poet of genius; the other is a variety of styles, a variety of genres outstanding poet abound. Li Bai in the romantic way by writing self, writing personality, showing the powerful Tang Dynasty, open atmosphere of the times; Du realistic approach to society by writing, writing life, showing the Tang Dynasty have a history picture of gloom and doom. Moreover, as Wang Wei pastoral, write write hidden Buddha; high fitness, Cen frontier army, wrote bitter Sharaku; Bai popular, Han Yu Qiao insurance; Li He’s strange deceitful, Meng Jiao miserable; Dumu The nimble Junshuang, Nong Li Shangyin lingering, and all eleven of its own personality, colorful. China has this particular “sound”, “shape”, “justice” of the three elements of the Chinese character in this era of the poet’s pen, simply be applied to a superb position.
  Tang Dynasty poetry has been able to achieve such a brilliant achievement, is rely on a few hundred years before the Tang Dynasty, many famous and anonymous poet in the Tang Dynasty poems for the development of bridges and roads, to lay the foundation, which is that we should not ignore . As early as 2,500 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty, China had poetry handed down, this is the famous “Book of Songs.” “Book of Songs” is the essence of “National Wind” and “lesser”, the highest part of the artistic achievement is one of the folk songs. But “Book of Songs” too old after all, its impact on our entire ancient culture can be said to be very great, but the impact can be said of the Tang Dynasty less direct. 2300 years ago, Chu south also appeared Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan in his special experience, a special passion, learn form the Southern folk ballads, writing a “Lament” as the representative of the “Songs of the South.” This form of poetry in the history of China is not no one, but not two. Sure enough, when he was behind a Song write, they immediately more prosaic, and has been called “Fu” the. Qu Yuan, a poet, but it has nurtured many of the Han Dynasty Fu home. Tang really give a direct impact on the development of the “Six Dynasties” a large number of well-known poets and nameless.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  The following from the form and content of the poem to quote a few examples to illustrate this. Such as “Yan Song” plays an important role in the development of Seven poems, it is the earliest and most complete seven-character poem we can see today. Southern folk “long dry song” form has been matched with the later metrical Five-character quatrains, unique in Southern folk songs. Again Atsuko liter: “pound clothes” Xu Ling’s “watching the mountains” and other poetic charm and style, which is very close to the early Tang frontier fortress, and can say that the pilot Tang Poem. From the content for the Wei, Jin and Six themes have emerged that appear in almost all the Tang, such as love, resentment palace, Roam, parting, thinking people, philosophy, pastoral, allegory, underappreciated …… content Southern folk though monotonous, but the form but worthy of our attention, they give a significant impact to the Tang Dynasty poetry, it has become an important template Tang Dynasty Five-character quatrains formation. So, after reading the Northern Han, Wei Tang then read these works, you can clearly understand the poetry of the Tang Dynasty peak is not out of thin air into the sky, it is a step by step by the Han, Wei Sui Northern development, growth came.
 Six come from the following literary narrative.
  Six people who Sui heavy literary fashion, always pay more Ziyi. It is more representative of the Sui Lee Ngok Confucian saying: Wei of the three ancestors, but still diction, suddenly the king of the road people, good small art carved insects. On from under, we had the same impact, competition for the Mandarin, then into the customs. Esa Qi Liang Jing a rhyme … odd, clever word struggle. At great length, no dew on the shape, the backlog surplus box, only is the situation of the state …… Lee Ngok opinion, Six production focus only romantic, content empty, useless to weathering. In this utilitarian thinking, he naturally can not see, “Yun Qi” and “Science of clever” Sui Dynasty Another pushed for “Daru” Wang Tong, in the language of the literary aspects of the Six small Zhuo contributed to the humanities people are critical of: Xie Lingyun villain indeed! Proud of its text, the gentleman is the honor; Shen Xiuwen villain indeed! Its live text, the gentleman is typical. Bao Zhao, Jiang Yan, the ancient Chuan who is also anxious to blame its text; Wu Yun, who is also ancient mad, blame their text to anger. Tang is more “to express their disdain for the Six Shang Wen of the wind; Ming on poetry by the” use “Cai Li,” “beautiful Wen Qin and Han, Tang poetry will.” Tongcheng School in the Qing Dynasty as well.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  But one thing is undeniable: Li Bai’s poems there is the phenomenon of a large number of attunement Six famous poet Juan Quotes from the associated “fresh Yu Khai, Yi Bao army” This evaluation of Du Fu, Li Bai and Six illustrate the text color The wind there is inextricably linked. Look Du Fu, despite “After fear and Chen Qi Liang as” at risk, Du Fu is still the “not thin people today love the ancients, the Qing Words, will be for the neighborhood,” the. Near to write poetry, he conscientiously study Six people poem, “Yu Xin article more into the old, rather learn why Yin intentions” exhibit of art forms and painstakingly Six people praise and emulation. Du Fu’s poem “cover Yan, Xie aloof, miscellaneous Xu, Li Yu and his ilk,” being that he fully learned the nourishment Six beautiful literature. Ang undoubtedly be the beneficial impact of the Six Dynasties. But his assessment of the Six Dynasties overkill, affected his greater achievements.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  So my point is, after all, is the Six Dynasties poetry is growing, growing things, it is not as mature as the Tang Dynasty poetry, as Sylvia is fine Jinmei Yu. Many literary works of the Six Dynasties era really immature, blunt terms, even eminent persons such as Cao Zhi inevitably their disease. This is not surprising, because it is generated on the development stage. Also Han, Wei Northern indeed there are many very good poem, our predecessors left us to an outstanding legacy.
  The following terms then collated from philosophizing.
  As China’s literate youth of the 21st century should know from this book include general concept of time, season outlook, stranger concept, history, political outlook, local concept, love, outlook on life, nature, supernatural outlook …… Let me love and Marriage mainly “the evil” “look a gift horse,” “Motherhood,” “Elegiac Poems”, etc., was undoubtedly one of the most prestigious, “the evil”: the evil! I want to be together, longevity no absolute decline. Mountain ridge, the river dried up, thunderstorms snow in summer. Heaven, and the king must dare! Write a woman boyfriend expressed their strong love will never change. Yaguchi into words, no tattoo, pure and sincere, independent trespassing ancient and modern. Besides political view of history “fifteen Joining the Army”, “black students” “Liang Fu Yin,” “five alas song” “Four melancholy poem” and the works of Cao three sons. “Liang Fu Yin” The main expression of the author’s attitude towards historical events to express their regret and resentment. Cao three sons are prominently reflected in the poem at the time of social unrest, reflecting the great disaster warlord heavy damage to society and to the people with, showing sympathy for the suffering of the people (of course, because the road of life has different contents of poetry are different, only part of this). I believe that among the most shocking of Cao Cao’s “bones exposed in the wild, thousands of miles without cock. Pepole left a hundred, they read off the intestine.” Concludes outlook on life and society, not only because it is the reason why the final say The most important because it with our lives. Six Dynasties Poetry content related to the “East Gate Line”, “Yan Ge row” “Moon Glow bright”, “East Gate to the car,” “Orphan,” “Motherhood”, “gift from the brother,” “discretionary greedy spring poem “” state Humayun passenger Yin “and Cao Zhi Yong epic, idyllic poem. The “Orphan” and “Driving out of the North department the line” by describing the suffering of orphans matter reflects the social moral depravity and condemnation; “Motherhood” is a loving couple by writing reactionary paternalism break and were both alive Forcing the process, thus the evil feudal ethics complaint raised blood; “You state Hu Ma Yin-off” of wealth inequality in society at that time showed great indignation. Six Dynasties Tang and Song Dynasties subtle Reflections on social issues with respect to the more direct and sharp.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  The above is my opinion this book some tentative, then I will be more careful reading of this book, in order to deepen experience, deepen understanding.

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