I’m just selling fake diplomas, why think of a topic?

I’m just selling fake diplomas, why think of a topic?
Particularly fond of dogs, childhood and old want to hold a dog to sleep, now that I think whenever a normal person can not hold the dog to sleep, so I said that some form of character because people when there is very little strange idea, on the third day when the teacher open parents, told my mom I was quirks, which is in fact what quirks, just want to look out of a thunder installed, but at that time with the children ages want the limelight period has passed, and we are busy Look Cultivation, play games, I have always been a few slow beat, and later the sophomore began to see Zhu Xian, feel good literary talent, good plot, full of recommendations, found that we have seen a few years ago, is a kind of trance feeling of abandonment, decided to follow the trend, followed by Ge Jige play games, do not want older, the reaction can not keep up, not as good as my last junior brother. In this twenty years ago, it passed so very simple, non-looking spot shadow of the past, is immature, it would not be saying now mature, is taking advantage of the boss to go home to do the full moon wine god, If he saw that presumably will forgive me, right?
When fifth grade aunt gave me a small white dog, little time is really cute, original longer the ugly is the universal law of nature, I found myself and my brother like this, although this is not very appropriate analogy But we were really crippled are long in the mouth my dad more convincing this conclusion earlier, but said he handsome like him, now slowly becomes how did not inherit his advantage, in fact, I did not heart to expose him, in fact, more like, he could also not accept his own long ugly fact that it is a pity my mother, little white dog at home so the two together are longer knock trampled, swift fall of last year, the family dog ??died, in fact, should be called an old dog, has been considered its life, it is really very distressed, I always felt that I can live to go home, really those chicken soup ri is a lie, how can so clever ah. I work on the road will go through a restaurant and saw iron cage has two dogs, eyes blurred, but also a stupid dog look, always thought is to kill waiting to be led there was a period I refuse to go that way, then One day saw the roadside two dogs play is Huan still a little familiar, it is confirmed that both blurred a little dog, now I thought, that his eyes were not exactly looking at home doing their homework in the eyes not to go out to play it? I rely on, how they used this analogy is inappropriate.
Because of its convenient wall, exposed to many Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots, the day of the speech is nothing more than anti this anti that, this freedom and that freedom, I will certainly not do so blood Vincent Fang ah, on the quarrel is also not your fathers? Later found the tragedy is nothing more than a few people, like-minded friends to add a different opinion a long time do not want to pinch the opposite, I fear, is also a harvest, they say in how it is to worry about national affairs, which still have to go to work work, think about high school text says the phrase really is a meat-eater to seek the kind of wisdom, we are quite busy, or do their own thing important.
I probably looked at them, I log on, or 2013, or reproduced, reprinted this thing very convenient, that is with their own little to write some today, just want to leave the future of their own to read to, you guessed it, this The day will last?

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