In China there is a very famous people love to drink, guess

In China there is a very famous people love to drink, guess who he is
“Late Han Dynasty is China’s political chaos, the society’s most painful times, but it is the spirit of freedom in the history of a very, very liberation, most full of wisdom, most concentrated in an era of enthusiasm and, therefore, it is the most artistic a spirit of the times. “(Zong Baihua language), formally such a great age, the birth of Liu Ling.
Liu Ling, Western Jin Peiguo (now Anhui Su County), the word Timberland. Birth and death unknown.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
History for Liu Ling, is too blame, for such a perverse behavior but talented genius, leaving only very few historical reference for people to comment, later to be described as nobody cares Liu Ling’s research, there are probably few Because the study was to scrape together the name of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove under the incidental mention it. Because leaving the works and the associated literature is actually much, so when later researchers noted Liu Ling only pitiful historical TV drama and upset the believers since. And, for trying to understand the history of the descendants of Liu Ling and was lenient, because only those historical left, enough to prop up a real Brewmaster, an ignorant drunk struggling with pain cleaned genius.
“Height of six feet, looks very ugly. Fangqing wantonly Zhi, often fine things for the heart of the universe together. Dan silent few words, do not jump to make friends, and Ruanji encounter, God is pleased solution, to join into the forest.” (” Jin Liu Ling Chuan “), Liu Ling’s appearance, mediocre or even ugly, and then Wei, Jin celebrities suave romantic differ, however oak beams,” Wei system “has the words:” (Ling) morphology acid humble, six feet in length, and then wanton debauchery, Yau Yan Chang alone, I contented. “looks ugly and how, in the chaos of suffering large environment, so looks also faces places, drink contented, style can be described as a generation of celebrities.
Liu Ling alcohol.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
Probably the world are alcoholics literati, scholars bones rigid and interlinked with bottles of wine, strong drink a toast, dripping Mercier is the generation of wind. World Scholars also good drunk, drunk is also individual personal grace. Li Bai drunk in a “crazy” word, but also can make drunk Gao Lishi off boots, Yang sommelier. “Re awake the night drinking Dongpo drunk, returned as if a three-shift.” Su Shi often drunk, drunk seemed to have some fun. Liu Ling alcohol, it is also drunk, since ancient times but no one, drunk as he so freely, legendary.
Liu Ling and wine, is correct entangled wrapped around the endless life can pull doomed links. Legend, Liu Ling was in peak Hanyin city Dukang wine, so drunk, unconscious for three years, it is “Dukang brewery, Zuisi Liu Ling,” he said. It would appear that the wine is a good thing, only this one word, then the achievements of the two wine Dukang and Liu Ling fairy. Liu Ling drunk but even more mad Festival. “Line no rut, ranking no room cottage, Mutianxide, meaning that as vertical. Stop the execution Ecuador scoop, moving the pull out Entada mention pot, only wine is Service, Yan know the rest …… without thinking without taking into account its music Toto. Wu, however drunk, panic Seoul and wake up and listen to not hear the sound of thunder, cooked depending on the shape does not see Tarzan, feel cold and heat cut muscle, emotional acquisitiveness. overlooking the view of the chaos of all things, such as floating up Jianghan Ping. “Liu Ling This” German Wine Song “is one of the few of his works have been handed down, write a poem handed down drunk, but many, but no one portrait Liu Ling so for wine sidewalks hands pro book such an enduring chapter, Liu Ling drunk, drunk is really bold, brilliant, there is a mighty scholar mind!
“Jia Dao drunk to non-fake down, Liu Ling drank without leaving zero”, drunk literati nature is in mortal drunk is different, literati drunk, still writing, and doing more hearty, ground-breaking! Chia Tao, Liu Ling two literary genius, a meet they can not live without wine and poetry, wine is the finest wine, mellow strong, poetry is good poetry through the ages, the two poets clever his name into the poem , into that first fascinated wine imbued with poetry, was actually so natural, I do not know the wine achievements of the poetry, or poetry achievements of the wine, we only know that because that’s a monumental drunk, leaving the poet a people pondering people chant poetry!Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
Scholars are not afraid of drunk, scholars fear is too late to write down drunk when Evans Quan, scholars fear that suddenly sober positive hearty masterpiece poetry when, for fear that a sudden influx of talent, like wine, like floating in the air cleared, leaving empty Dressed lonely fancy chewing.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
Liu Ling also true.
Since fear sober, tentatively will wake up, Liu Ling and wine, and thus is not divided, not give up, constant, daily, with a lifetime. Liu Ling, also drunk a lifetime.
Liu Ling drunk, Liu Ling era in which they also drunk. Liu Ling put drunken Hang up, or strip Luoxing in the house. People see, ridiculed. Ling said: “I’m in heaven as Dong Yu, house room for the clothes Kun, Kun dwellers in what is into me?” Liu Ling drunk when wanton speech, conduct broad-minded, Liu Ling drunk, the whole world with him drunk. According to legend, Liu Ling sick very thirsty wine, wine from women seeking. Women donate wine Destroying Tiqi remonstrance, saying:. “Jun drink too much, non regimen of the Road, will wish to break it,” Ling said: “I can not Zijin Shen Shan, only when I wish the spirits of the ear off since the oath. can with wine and meat “UNIFEM said:.” King Wen ordered “for wine and meat in front of God, please Ling wish oath. Guier Ling Zhu said: “Liu Ling was born to a life of wine, a drink a Gok, five bucket Jiechen woman’s words, be careful inaudible..” Will lead meat with wine, Kui Ran has drunk men. (“Shi Ren Festival”), Liu Ling drunk, too drunk gusto, affectionate fun, Liu Ling alcoholics mad at his wife to destroy the glass to his time drinking, it has also can casually say, “This is good, ah, when I was drinking spirits should pray only noticeable alcohol sincerity”, his wife was also believed that drunk, it has really hear his voice, prepared under the wine and meat with respect gods, funny thing is, the gods did not eat this meat and wine, Liu Ling completely into the belly of this Dionysian, drink to the point where, drunk to the point, so as childlike and rogue, so Return to Innocence, Liu Ling afraid only he dared to take on the name of Bacchus Brewmaster reputation of the bar.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
“Liu Ling of” wine De Song, “the emotional send.” (“Shi”), is the kind of suppressed emotional Liu Ling’s chest on the social rebellion and pain of love. Wei and Jin Dynasties is the era of chaos tragic history of China, the aspect changes in 500 years, regime change, the war continued, bloody, brutal war devastated this nation scarred, Liu Ling unfortunate drop in such pain, only with wine taste and cleaned up scar hearts. Flexible wine is the best medicine to heal the pain of a skim soft wine importers, warmth in the chest, to forget the sufferings of all time. Wine and spirits is the text of those children most realistic character portrayal, talented, but no place to display their chaotic environment can not give them to settle down, which they can not give them a poetic soul habitat, the history of the agitation to make these imaginative collision of ideas, and refused to open a gap allowed free expression, then an entire era Elegy completely dissolved in the wine, drink imports, but also epic of grief.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
Liu Ling who is the epic casting. His tools, and the Yellow River water that is generally turbid wine and the bird can freely tilt pouring out a whole dynasty of wine.
In that dynasty, Liu Ling so arrogant people have also worked as officer in his official side, there was also done Jian Wei army. It is said that Tai years, he early on submissions advocate “of doing nothing,” it said, but was dismissed as useless a policy. Then peers have been the first high official position, but only he was nothing official. Bale officer after Liu Ling, it is every day, “Zuixiang road stabilization should frequency to” end of life finally alcohol. Contrary to Gouquanxingming and old age that scholars frequently killed in troubled times, also described as “the lesser evil.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
“Borrow a cup of strong wine, pouring pine chest of”, even though Liu Ling could be like childlike Lai wine arrogant, but not as childlike innocence with clarity of vision and cleaned up the suffering of the world. Teasing ridicule of officialdom, in angrily Elegy for things, in the end, completely oriented in the wine, wanton invasion of his dissolute soul. Liu Ling drunk, is not the dawn of a whole dynasty of contempt, he’s drunk, drunk shake heaven and earth shock, hearty drunk, drunk bitter tragic, because he spent the entire lifetime of your eyes see the world and this world who are not from him awake.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
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