In the name of fraud to find a job

In the name of fraud to find a job Promised a pre-tax monthly salary of 6,000 yuan, the cost of training requirements for graduates to pay 19,800 yuan, and after a few days of training students to pay, the company’s overall “run away.” This familiar “find a job scam” in Shanghai actually cheated at least 150 college students.
“In my possession, identified by name, have identity card number, telephone number, and there are only 150 people in Shanghai.” Wang graduated from Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College, is a group of students in today’s he, in his spare time looking for another important “work” is deceived people gather information and lead rights, “the national group, there are 355 direct victims, involving Jinan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing and other cities; Shanghai group, I personally know and have met, there are more than 40 people. “
China Youth Daily reporter · Youth Online recently added the name “heroic defenders persons” micro-channel group, the group of college students have almost the same rights “cheated experience,” except that “cheat” their businesses.
Stressful for most college students, no longer “Why cheated” “deceived much money” issue, now, they are very concerned about only one – how to safeguard their rights. Over the past two weeks, with the group headed by Wang students, he looked for public security, In the name of fraud to find a job courts, and other units, receive no substantive help, slightly embarrassed, they can only through the media rights – a message from reporter obtained at the lawyers hired by reporters.
“Minimalist” fraud patterns, how to get “people”
In September last year, Wang in line to see an advertisement – to provide a monthly salary of 6,000 to 8,000 yuan work, the premise is to accept the two-month pre-service training.
In fact, similar to the “pre-job training” scam, Wang is not heard. Therefore, after submitting his resume, specially to observe the relevant practice for this company if there are instruments, “the record.” Located in Shanghai’s Jiading in Shanghai enjoy a round technology companies, Wang signed a “SAP Business Management Consulting Services Agreement” the agreement during the training, Wang 4000 yuan each month to subsidies, after the formal training of qualified entry per months wages 6,000 yuan, 19,800 yuan, but the cost of the training must be borne by Wang himself.
But this agreement stamped inscription, was “Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. enjoy a round.” Wang was also skeptical of this, the other told Wang that this chapter is “Beijing headquarters” in. In the name of fraud to find a job

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