Just graduated from high school, which is a normal girl want

Just graduated from high school, which is a normal girl want ,Interesting Chinese culture
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Scattered classroom books piled everywhere torn pieces of paper, covering the abandoned books, shining white ground. Empty, we will eventually come to an end.
  – Inscription
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  Quiet people feel empty school, a time when June, gardenia incense waft in every corner of the campus, fragrant and sweet.
  We stepped on the playground, we ran across the court, also left traces of friction, sultry day, why it does not rain, it washed away. And our classrooms, our table, empty, who had left their memories here, as well as sweat tears, at the moment have started to become the past. This life is able to meet, if not on whether or not to meet as Farewell? Think of these, I can not help squelch the tears flow down.
  Classmates overwhelming, he kept writing, written numb fingers, tears big stars big stars fall, one after another sensational wet the text, once considered just a ritual Classmates, answer those questions in twos and threes it is now filled, or did not finish, blame your paper is too small, can not tolerate those words full of tears. Write it, write it, fingers kept trembling. Photos posted a another one, as is you do not ask who I am in the coming year.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  The teacher smiled and told us that: “Students, you graduated, went to the outside world to see it!” In short, let the whole class burst into tears. Diploma, graduation photos, hug each other, deep blessing. I chose silence, it represents too much.
  “Liberated!” They said liberated. Watching a personal have left, I sat in the corner of the classroom, in both hands in his pocket a pack of cigarettes, I suddenly, I do not smoke.
  He has consoled himself – Where in the world ending feast. Thinking that it can make their own peace of mind, you can see crying hoarse, I still uneven and, do not trust you, afraid of you because without us sad, but we are sad because without you, and you do not be sad. Now to go our separate ways, and that scattered it, do not stay more firmly to leave there will be pain.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  Once, who he said with a smile gardenia open season when we met; now, and who cried gardenia open season is when we were. And over three years, from the song dead end, come to an end, we come to the end, to be separated, and is reluctant to you, and you are not willing to each other’s homes to leave? Suddenly want a certain girl: I leave, you will not be sad, I will forget you until you put me to forget. If one day you walked into my heart, and you cry, because there is full you; if one day I walked into your heart, I cry, because there is no me. Finally, he said nothing, looked at the empty classroom even a personal video are gone, I suddenly burst into tears. Once, I thought you would laugh, think you would have been so laugh, think you can march to leave until I know, you cry, cry with no rhythm, just like the wind rustling through the leaves when.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  So were it, who do not want anyone, did not want to upset you, think you will be more sad, it is better not think of it, so quietly leave. And everyone said goodbye firmest.
  Instant of time, a return to a three-year graduation time, brewing a farewell tears. At the moment, all of the past will be fixed; at the moment, all the freeze will become memories; at the moment, all the memories are fuzzy in fleeting.
  Quietly leave, everything will gradually become memories, reminiscing back, think of those teachers, think of those students, only in the memories of laughter, only crying in the memory. Scattered, suddenly feeling all empty, and suddenly everything changed around feeling quiet.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
  Tears in his eyes has been pouring out, and I know that everything is go back, once it farewell, waved goodbye to everyone.

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