just want to say hello ,my old days

just want to say hello ,my old days 
Foreign words: Congratulations on my own, and finally get rid of the dark days of sick, lose a week infusion whole day, two bottles, four hours. Number down, left three needle, right four, left arm two needle, do a skin test, a blood sample. He took two back pieces child, watching my gigantic lungs did not see what the problem is coming. During infusion situation continues, go back to the blood transfusion into the air once, lose to half vomit more than once, a little itchy allergy once, how can not stop after needle injection of blood once, battered, toss one week finally good, I vowed never sick, not cold, not a cough. In this sincerely hope you, take care of themselves, Zhu Jiankang.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma    
         Moving the end, these days are busy finishing in addition to the infusion of old things (suddenly remembered a time when inside the Queen at a disadvantage, “Zhen Huan Biography” will be on the emperor said, “Chenqie recently finishing her sister’s old things ……” and then you can quickly reversed, Visible finishing old things or good), the idea is really sort things out a lot of surprises. A piece from the hands of those things too, like as the years go flowing from the fingers, each one, is a clever little silhouette.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
          The most pleasant surprise for each child during the painting than the stack of paintings, before, especially like painting, followed by the fourth grade when it comes to remedial classes to learn after a while, I would have thought scattered all lost, but found tied into a bundle, intact , have for ten years. I asked to know that my mother and grandmother are still reluctant to give me a picture of the care received, then I moved to cry, and I spent the afternoon to take pictures of each painting, giving each mother and grandmother memories Videos of “creative background.” Those paintings have crooked Mashimaro, water ice on useful watercolor strokes underwater world, the campus landscape, there is slightly larger with time to learn to draw a variety of still life pastel painting, (so-called still life, with my words summarize, is a large piece of rag, with a variety of permutations and combinations of the above glass vase large jar, add chestnuts pears apples peaches plums), and according to a variety of landscapes our family that this depiction of Zhang Daqian’s calendar, the most precious is four Summer school grades in the painting class, a very long period of time, the teacher let the students draw each other’s sketches, but also marked with the name, so I now have a stack of hand very unlike the tall serious imbalance of characters portraits, paintings of those who are now grown up, married and even should have all of it, those names for me now is just the name, without any clear memories. But the hands of such a thing, always feel continuous line memories, very good. Also, Yuxi ah, unfortunately, tell you, I found a piece of your picture, then twelve years old, I painted eleven years old you, no label name, the painting also looks like, but at a glance Let me draw from that stack inside look out, when the little girl wearing a very popular small straps, wearing the neck of a small pony tail, sitting on a stool holding a drawing board, under unfinished drawing board, and so I am ready He moved home to add another point it finished up the background, but they think there is no feeling mending, good distressed ah good distressed, obsessive-compulsive disorder so I face every day an unfinished paintings are to be crazy, ah . Dear Yuxi, you still have to keep that on your birthday, I secretly on your doorstep that big peony painting children? Now think of it, how it painted peony, good customs, but when I painted it, but painting a whole week ah!
           Also find out some of the stored memories of things over the years diary, photo album, Classmates. I always wonder I was precocious or late, when the primary school has this diary with a password, but also learn to people under pressure in the pillow, remember a little trivial, but felt a sense of heaven and earth to do, there is a lockable and I did not write a few pages on the lost keys. On the high school, people are beginning to sweet and bitter taste of lime crush or love, and I was completely abandon the habit of writing private diary, the teacher left me a few a few diary, more children do not write a word, diary share this openly in front of my mom and my teacher, the principle is that you love Kan Bukan, do not look pulled. Then later on to develop the habit of keeping a diary in space, preferring to send quite a few log all night, do not want to write the diary bit spread out, so pick up a pen forget the word frequencies and my typing speed is proportional to the increase in the. Until now, space, microblogging, micro letter, everyone, feelings can spread in various places, but most of all to share other people’s emotions, but nowhere to express their feelings. There are three Classmates, elementary junior high school, the idea is coherent piece children constantly, open to, but also continue to move forward in the years the river flowing silhouette. Particularly interesting is that there are always some his mark every age. Primary it, the word is always crooked, content little blessing is simply some “wish you best for the future.” What sort of, obviously not naive but also hard-mounted adult tone. Some junior high school a little rich, some good relationship, write a lot, then popular emoticons, so I was lucky enough to get a lot of pictures of people. High school then, I would say that time will be able to better reflect on Classmates, many of which are eloquent a whole, not those “best for the future,” the jargon, but really there are so many sincere words you want He says, especially you, child tables, re-read it again, three years later, still moving. I still remember dodging a teacher at the college entrance examination as hypertension and smoke smell inside, a group of people secretly exchanged Classmates, secretly written on the self-study courses, and secretly back, angry teacher not to say that we much work, tell the focus, today opened Classmates when it found that those things are not the focus, it is the most important and the best thing.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
          Every time I go home I have to turn over the album, starting with the full moon shine, turn to now. This should be called nostalgia, or narcissistic psychology at work, so I decorated my new house, the first on the side of the photo wall safe. Today was supposed to go to a photo wall wash twenty photos, when the election results photos from my previous old photos inside, that which one wants, (of course, this is a woman’s inherent psychological) then a hot head, tenfold, take it to wash more than 200 women really impulsive animals, studio boss to see me have music blossomed, but also to move stool and is pouring in, wishing me every day to develop photos. Every time I have been particularly fond of me and my mom turned together before the old photos, my mother always said, hey, this is your old teens, where, what. I always said, “then good fat” or “how do you give me clothes to wear so earth”, each mixed feelings. I even began to miss the former film era, digital cameras cheap and convenient, it does not take develop photos, and upload them directly like, can be like this, the camera lazy, lazy people, my album, missed a very long period years, mother and grandmother every turn my album, photo graduation off to college entrance examination, they will not be online, naturally, could not see my share of emotions for all these years, how to say this is a regret. Today the previous photos are washed out, and finally also connected to the years had passed away, fragments of memory that does not mean a child. I have a far dream is when I am old, can sit in the sun, embrace a bunch of albums, then, from babbling to gray hair, looking to make a lifetime.
           There are some small things piecemeal, from the box at the end was I to turn out, are thrown into the water to wash it again, and some even further luster as new graduates ten years old when the family sent a music box, elementary school photo, get my hair has been a mess of Barbie dolls, (I would say really vicious Scorpio woman is bones, I grew to Barbie braid, they both habitual to pull her head down, eds Well, again safe to go back), received an annual birthday gift, pen, music boxes, small plush toys, there are two great book, a “Harry Potter 3”, a “Wuthering Heights”, Yu Jie, ah, you give me a call the day before yesterday afternoon, when I was home to pack my books are, just turn to the book, “Wuthering Heights” title page you write bequeath to your phone, very clever is not it? Also accompany my long years of study, my little lamp, the morning will be very annoying called “baby get up, baby wake up” a small alarm clock, a lot of sketches and colored pencil lead, scattered pastel, palette, plasticine various remember the job, doodling of charming little book. There are all kinds of things brought back out to play, a small pendant engraved with my name, picked up from the flood with delicate patterns of small stones, paper cutting and various beautiful bracelet. These pressure bottom of things once again brought to light, I suddenly felt my past twenty years have not lived in vain, but also live gusto, those pieces of free time, I find out with one thing, actually also slowly recover, re-stitching the years has become a complete and smooth scroll, roll stretch, it is the time goes twenty years.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
           Like the years constantly throwing drift bottles, you never know, you stand the river of life, leaned a skim, can pick up something, and can miss something, often, those already distant shapeless past, will slip from memory gaps in it, you can only stand on the shore of the river, in front of her smiling, waving, calmly said to her, “Hello, my old days”! and if you like me ,please   see my website , you can add my Skype too :adolph.863   

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