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IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is one of the most widely used systems for exams from 14 to 16 years old in the world. It is part of the CIE (Cambridge International examination), Cambridge Global Test. The certificate will be recognized as long as it is spoken in English. The test is equivalent to the “SSAT” we understand. The only difference is: if the student wants to apply for the famous British university Cambridge, Oxford University and other similar universities, the test results It is one of the important references for the application. buy IGCSE fake certificate, how to buy fake diploma, where to make IGCSE fake certificate, buy IGCSE fake diploma, Due to the difference between the Chinese and English education systems, the high school GPA score conversion, the UK has no standards, can not accurately understand the students’ intellectual and academic ability, so the test results are necessary.
At present, few people in China know about IGCSE. Most people know SAT because SAT is indispensable for entering American universities. But people who want to enter a British university, such as Cambridge, Oxford, should be concerned.
In IGCSE, there are 64 optional subjects, you can freely choose in limited circumstances, the limit is: English and math compulsory, but there are 3 different choices in English and mathematics. IGCSE is designed to develop students’ innovative abilities and hobbies, so there are 64 subjects available. buy UK fake diploma online, buy fake diploma in USA.
After two years, you will go to the exam papers of Cambridge professors. One paper is an hour, very simple; the other paper is two and a half hours, which is very difficult to write. The test paper was sent to Cambridge to change. After 1~3 months, you will receive the certificate they gave you.
IGCSE has two exams each summer and winter, in May, June and November and December. Each IGCSE student requires a minimum of 5 passes to graduate.
The IGCSE exam is divided into Extended and Core. The former is a difficult exam and the latter is a core content exam. The highest score for the Extended exam is A star, while the highest score for Core is C.

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