My youth, my way

My youth, my way
Walk on the glass of the time, see, can not touch.
Sky, cotton Miao profound, if still Bi Jing Cheng Lan? Rivulet, meandering and downs, whether still clarity as ever? Birds, volley wings, whether casual Happy?
Glass, reflects the sunlight folds, flowing footprints time. Baiyun, a group from a group, spread, such as poppy as beautiful. Beach, loosely soft, as mother or gentle caress lover, heart moment, smiled and talked. Our youth, quietly flowing …Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
Blood, perhaps still boiling, perhaps still fanaticism, perhaps becoming indifferent. It is the youth of pulsation. Youth, can be very wild, wanton, willful; can also be very dull, like a pool of blue water, placid. Also a different kind of scenery!
What can we come to commemorate our youth?Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
He looked up to heaven, one blue, the sun shining, the thorn eye pain. His face was clean and bright smile surfaced. Wisp of wind went up, spun heartstrings, heart as if flowing gentle touching song after another song, tranquil and quiet. Hand, the attempt to embrace the sun in your palm, feel the love of temperature. Shrugged, a plume of the sun through the fingers like sand hourglass, slowly diarrhea, broken pieces of dough. We look like flowing youth.
Countless times, a man, reclining wall, in Sky Cheng Jing, the silvery moonlight, but I feel the temperature of the moon. Blowing night wind, upset mood, becoming quiet. During that time, I belong to a person, no one bothered, nobody destruction. The emergence of a heart for the youth of praise and gratitude. Really, youth, nice.
My youth, perhaps dull some, but there are some simple little warmth and happiness.
Flowing time, witness me every step of growth. Although there is no vigorous love, but I’m in the heart of love and remembered; do not have to hate some people, some things. Some will eventually just passing your life are like autumn leaves, light spin drift turn, fall into the unknown distance. Turned gorgeous, leave a good mark.
I wrote the words: I respect happy, free and simple, longing for a better serenity of nature, like the distant sFake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a and the sea broad-minded. Who wants a reasonable manner, only we need to embrace a true love, a stick of courage, a firm faith. Even darkness, storms hit, do not be afraid.
My youth I call the shots. This summer, let the flower of youth, opened the gorgeous scene, swaying dancing, flowing taste of time ……
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