say my feelings about the movie "White Deer"

Called yesterday saw “White Deer” film, although my heart has long been ready, Wang Chuan Chen Zhongshi will to destroy, but do not know so destroyed to pieces, appalling. Before Wang Chuan has been stressed in each conference, “White Deer” is “the most difficult in the history of movie,” Well, he successfully fulfilled this sentence, and put it into the “history of the most ugly movie.”Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
      Comrade Wang Chuan, although ZhangYuQi your wife now, although Kitty Zhang played at inside I feel pretty good, but can not take up the entire film is shot almost every resource Tian Xiao it, simply direct the film renamed “Tian Xiao Bai Lu Yuan of the outsiders” Well, although Tian Xiao is the “White Deer” in a very important very soul of the characters, but in the book is absolutely no accounting for such a big space bar, she takes up the serious consequences caused by the lens is White Deer Plain in some other very personal and worthy of description simply can not figure out the field, Mr. cold, Mr. Zhu, Bai Ling, Bai Xiaowu, Bai Xiaoyi, Mr. Chen Zhongshi costs a lot of words to describe those grown on the White Deer Plain of different human life, their life is really honest not an ordinary mediocre northern Shaanxi cultural expression, you at least with a right, without them even, and everyone into everyone’s chapter does not affect the overall situation, I would like to ask, I do mega sea, Throughout the book I most like a deer trillion figure high seas? Wait so long to see a movie on your deer Katherine shot Chengsha Yang, looked half did not, see Tian Xiao dead yet, actually have not read, you never even shot a deer trillion sea, I No wonder deer trillion sea, not Bai Ling you how to string together the whole story, ah, you finally let Zhaopeng marry who is going ah? See the end I see, “White Deer” book trillion sea, Bai Ling’s story Zhaopeng and a majority in the latter half, is Tian Xiao died, Tian Xiao dead so that you take the basic “click” crank up . The book dozens of large and small figures, a total of just a handful of movies to play back and forth, “Lu Zilin, Bai Jiaxuan, deer Zhaopeng, Bai Xiaowen, three deer, Heiwa, Tian Xiao,” so few folks, the book then momentum grand, intricate story relations, allowing you to give birth is made into a single line, that is, “Tian Xiao and three men’s story”, although aware of the epic masterpiece that is not easy to be made into a movie, you want to give up a lot of character and detail, there must be a major plotline and story, but you shrink it too seriously, right, you shoot point less passion lens will be able to take other people’s stories to talk about the. According to the delete method, and if so that you shoot, “Dream of Red Mansions”, you have to delete the estimate got left three of Baoyu and Daiyu people, “White Deer” in even trillion sea are not, then we would not expect in your “Dream of Red Mansions” Lane saw the Xifeng.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
          Ending rush messy knot, inexplicable, incomprehensible. By the end of the expressed, Tian Xiao dead, Lu Zilin dead, Heiwa when the bandits, the deer Zhaopeng act recklessly, Bai Xiaowen image on a spendthrift sell their own army to go – but the outcome is not so, ah, really the ever-changing era of struggle in order to Heiwa, Zhaopeng and Takafumi represented by several groups, from here is just beginning, really began to show humanity in the dark twisted and wonderful control has only just begun, really belong Zhaopeng and Takafumi The story of this generation is just beginning, the real fun is yet to come, Heiwa later after legendary downhill, deer Zhaopeng this hypocritical face of man, as well as criticism of Bai Xiaowen good at everything, and my mega sea and Bai Ling love more than a good story, he just let Wang Chuan directed to “click” out, this film, how do you say, to put it nicely point is “anticlimactic,” say nice point is the “beginning of the same God, the same neuropathy end”.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
       The beginning is really good, I always like to see the kind of momentum grand, spectacular scenes of the film, White Deer Plain beginning of that endless golden waves of grain once conquered me, ambitious and northern Shaanxi vicissitudes of charm, it seems much like Wang Chuan After Zhang Yimou, either single-story, single-lane or scene, do a few games in a magnificent vast wheat fields of the scene, began to tell the story was a bit stingy, unclear, dragging procrastination Da, especially those few actors pick I will not say, The Galleria and Heiwa Fortunately, Zhang Fengyi and Duan Yi Wang is a great actor, though not the way I imagined but really played very well, especially Zhang Fengyi. But Lu Zilin, I would like to ask the director Wang Chuan, you see where Lu Zilin from the book looks so scrubby stingy, others behave badly though poor character, but at least is a village about, on the family background and the man of action is not relative to the upper and lower large families lords, and, calculating good deal, that person is that you pick a wall of mud does not help the old ruffian Well, what thing are not supported yet stingy scrubby, finally brought him to the killing , Wang Chuan is how you wait to see him. There Bai Xiaowen, a large house out of a successor patriarch, the eldest son of Bai Jiaxuan personal teaching how long it can be wretched? Although he had a book spendthrift career, but he has looks correct behavior dignified note, very patriarchal demeanor, even if later, calculating that is something you shoot Bai Xiaowen Xiaojiazaiqi not speak, long wretched not as good as the kind of naughty child molesting Tian Xiao, Wang Chuan really do not know how to think, Is that all superficial good long look good, the bad guys are long, wretched? To tell the truth before 白孝文 kill Heiwa I have been Duman like his, that he is good or bad I will not speak at least be regarded as a legend on the White Deer Plain, and before that thing except Tian Xiao also quite correct behavior and self-discipline, although his bones is a traitor, but because of this rebellion, he was different from the man of action, the real from the White Deer Plain, from his destiny established walked out. Deer Zhaopeng, I really do not like him, prove ungrateful injustice, understand and love Honesty and Honor, denounced his father to death, harm brothers Heiwa, grab his brother’s girlfriend Katherine, what thing does what he does righteousness thing, so also did the Communist Party officials, the party atmosphere was not right from him here, right? (I guess that must be harmonized phrase), but I just wonder, how can a deer Zhaopeng Guo Tao to play, Crazy Stone was so festive one child, solemnly up, more and more joy.
          Tian Xiao, I really think a person’s hard to play, Zhang Yuqi evolves so, quite good, really, really beautiful, but who have the shadow Tian Xiao, an insult cast aside by the world, but the poor woman to the extreme, it is Tian Xiao Wu family like to do in the way concubine, amazing to me, a woman can she evolves into an epic legend of a man, is not easy. The rest, no comment, either for itself Tian Xiao Zhang Yuqi, would have nothing to say, do not like, do not hate.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
         There are quite a few do not understand, do not know the director did not have this lens or late cut off. The first is to Heiwa Takafumi sugar, this scene should correspond Heiwa later when the bandits first go to the store after the robbery scene to spoil sugar, in order to reflect what he wanted would not destroy rebellious. Without this scene later, before the lens is completely pointless. Also, I do not know why on earth you want to add director to sell the house after dashing fragment Takafumi and Tian Xiao out, really think this period might as well use the original Poyao two people lying on the bed, Kenwan bread smoked opium gives the spiritual impact force. Do not know plus Takafumi and Heiwa child in a cornfield say what is necessary to marry a wife, is a brotherhood they? That was to add later Takafumi kill Heiwa have impact on the arts, as well, try to turn into a man of action knot seven married five times, to get a few more military families concubine out this kind of thing plus what sense? In short, I do not understand, “White Deer” film, also do not understand, Wang Chuan.
        In fact, seeing a movie, or to see a bustling, like American movies, like to see a big scene, visual stimulation. Or to see a story, those affectionate art films. Wang Chuan fear like this, do not take sides, the story did not say well, the picture is also rough. Rough and rugged are two different things, at the beginning of the film is shot very rough vicissitudes, but the more backward, the more bad, and the last is the same as the end of neuropathy, white blind children before the applause.
       In short it is very disappointed, this film adaptation based on the original, you can not count on it. “White Deer” is my current favorite book favorite country, of course, “Harry Potter” is always the first heart, can not be surpassed. I like the film and television and books has a very strong psychological xenophilia of domestic films and books, has always been very concerned with a little contempt, Chinese writers read a lot of books, but also masters Read a lot, just looked at fame, I did not really have any particular profound spiritual impact – in addition to the first idea, “White Deer”, read “White Deer” after that, my God, the original Chinese now have such a powerful writer ! Really very shocking, ingenious structure, intricate, grand background, the characters are lifelike, not life, look after those who do not think of the book, but the White Deer Plain in northern Shaanxi, really have such a group of people once He lived, highly respected man of action, good at scheming Lu Zilin, poor Tian Xiao, as well as deer Zhaopeng, Bai Xiaowen, Heiwa, Bai Ling and Katherine, original piece of white deer habitat is their soul, there can dig the most original glory and ugliness of human nature, the most honest folk and human. After Mo Yan won the Nobel, my first thought was, why not Chen Zhongshi? Such a structure grand epic, in addition to Chen Zhongshi, there is a second who can lead in this honor?Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
         “White Deer” the chance to read it three times, has been ready to buy a hardcover edition collection together.
         Movie looked again, no longer see the second times.
         To commemorate that destroyed the “White Deer”, in memory of Katherine did not play Bai Ling and sea, for Katherine did not play, I am very brooding.
        But the film is not to say for a long time, or to say, because writing good, really good, is to allow Spielberg to shoot, shoot not comparable with the original movie, go Tucao Tucao, I respect the movie, but we recommend to read the original, because the original was only a truly authentic children of White Deer Plain.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma 
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