Students drop out do African construction worker


Students drop out do African construction worker Liu’s words were his co-workers can be strong Lee confirmed. Last night, the reporter by overseas telephone contact on Angola still working can be strong Lee, a 30-year-old guy new continent. He said the site is 8-12 people live in a dormitory, a bed on the lower bunk. Due to the low-lying quarters, there are several heavy rain flooded dormitory, bunk beds are soaked in water, and he was holding the quilt Liu, originally used in the placement of materials spread sitting one night. “First came to the site, I think about giving up, but they could not escape ah. Then how suited, they have as they come, the security.” Liu told reporters, every year in May, just after the rainy season in Luanda, the climate is very cool, blue sky, see the exotic, pleasant mood will up. Slowly, he used to. At first, Liu migrant workers and ordinary, like a day in the sun holding a shovel excavation, wear shoes very thin soles, gravel digging into his foot on the site very uncomfortable, always done sweating, feeling very tired .Students drop out do African construction worker Knowledge Later, he learned, learned to put the measuring line, pipeline installation. Will go to the bank to take money engineering, procurement, construction finishing materials on the computer, drive a truck …… The daily working time is 6:00 am: 30-11: 30 am, 1: 30-6: 00. Very regular life on the site, but also particularly boring. Local infrastructure, no Internet, television, and sometimes even cell phones have no signal. In the evening, Liu to learn English, Portuguese, or play mobile games, “Sometimes special Mende Huang, would turn a few laps around the site and see the stars. Homesick, climb the tower to see the local Look.” Workers can Li Qiang, the company responsible for the construction of resettlement housing residents, particularly the duration in time, no weekends. Liu was there nine months, we only rest for four days: New Year’s Day one day, one day Mid-Autumn Festival, two days of Christmas. In his view, “Liu although the students, but no shelves, only junior high school culture is willing to consult technical workers, but also the special ability to endure hardship.” Back shed to live, there is a large natural fruit trees, planted with mango, banana, pineapple, when Liu and co-workers at lunch break, they often sleep in trees, eating the fruit, do not have some flavor. Imported rice can cook, can grow their own vegetables, their diet also more compatible with the site. Students drop out do African construction worker

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