Students spend money to buy paper cheated

Students spend money to buy paper cheated Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. You still paper and trouble? We can help you rewrite the thesis and published papers. Tailor-made high-quality paper, full assistance, including modifications, including through! “Two weeks ago, the paper has been badly battered in a university graduates in Chongqing Wang see this message, just caught the last straw.
Wang said at the time was his own practice, there is no effort to cope with thesis, a friend introduced him to a man named “all education” paper to write website.
“The first time you talk and customer service, the other answer, very polite, I feel very tricky.” Wang recalls. So he bought at a price of 900 yuan a 6000 word dissertation.
But when he received the other side sent the papers finished, simply explode: “There is irrelevant!” Subsequently, Wang contact sales customer service, customer service with a variety of reasons for procrastination, finally simply ignored until Wang missed the time delivery papers. Wang was very angry, but do nothing. Money has been paid by way of the Internet to the site, and get our hands on it is not turned over to a paper.
To write chaos: paper price tag to write more business trap
Correspondent open Web search, enter “paper to write” Students spend money to buy paper cheated jump out to write theses, term papers and other advertising hundreds. Reporters find help Amy to write papers sites “all education”, immediately pop up a window. Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. The agency claimed to have a professional team to meet the needs of various disciplines papers, including through.
Subsequently, the reporter psychology undergraduate students in the name of the requirements to write thesis about 8,000 words, and with the customer service talk about price. The customer service said, computer, medical, and other papers are in English 1000 words $ 150, while the 1000 word Psychology 70 dollars. The customer service also said that to ensure the absolute quality, can be modified according to the teacher comments, unlimited number of times.
When a reporter asked if the payment has been made, on paper or not satisfied with how to do, and writers can contact? The customer reassurance to modify customer satisfaction, but the writers refused to provide contact information.
People familiar with the industry insider told reporters, writers and does not directly contact the customer, and the customer is linked to the paper brokering, they get revenue from commission. Many write papers bodies are deceptive, really to write original papers “business” will not openly selling site, but hidden in the QQ group, introduced by mutual business acquaintance, a lot of papers to blatantly writing on behalf of all “trap.” Either the seller take the money disappear, or just as Wang, get a paper does not meet their requirements.
Reporter unannounced visits: agent said daily trading amounted to ten by someone to write papers on the monthly income
After many check it out, the reporter through QQ micro letter and contacted a number of papers brokering, again a senior history major identity requirements to buy papers. Reporters do not trust the Internet to transfer, for the reason you want to pay in person face to face and discuss in detail the three intermediaries were rejected. Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. Students spend money to buy paper cheated

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