Summary of 6 major professional tuition fees for studying in the US

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1. Master of Finance, Study Abroad
Overall, the cost of the program has a lot to do with the area. For example, Clark University, Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States, has a total annual cost of about $47,359, close to 300,000 yuan, of which $10,000 is living, which is equivalent to 60,000 yuan. Also located in the Northeastern University of Maryland, the total cost of the program is $83,000 a year, and the cost is more than 510,000 yuan, of which the living expenses are $18,000, which exceeds RMB 110,000/year. fake New York University degree,  fake New York University diploma, fake New York University certificate.
2. Master of Accounting majors study abroad fees
Many students majoring in accounting and accounting want to go to New York, because New York is the core area of ​​the US economy, corporate companies and professional accounting firms are many, but New York’s consumption level is very high, taking New York University’s accounting master’s major as an example, its professional The total cost of studying for 9 months is about 76,700 US dollars, close to 480,000 yuan; living expenses need 25,200 dollars, close to 160,000 yuan / year.
3. Marketing Master’s degree in studying abroad
In the United States, there are very few colleges that offer a master’s degree in marketing in the top 100 schools. Some colleges and universities directly use Marketing as a branch of the business school MBA program, so the cost of the major is higher. how to buy New York University degree, buy New York University fake degree, buy New York University bachelor degree. New York University degree sample.
At Pepperdine University in California, the school’s master’s degree in marketing costs a total of $66,400 a year, equivalent to about 410,000 yuan; of which, the cost of living is $16,000 and nearly $100,000.
4. Law majors study abroad fees
The LL.M. generally only takes 1 year of study time (some universities are 9 months), completes 4 to 8 professional courses and completes the thesis. LLM professional tuition is also very expensive, most schools have tuition fees between $45,000 and $50,000, plus living expenses are generally around $60,000/year.
5. Social work professional study fees
The master’s degree in social work is generally a two-year degree setting. The annual tuition fee is between 20,000 and 40,000 US dollars. The living expenses of different cities are quite different, generally between 1-2 million US dollars, and the cost of two years is 40- Between 700,000 RMB.
6. Media professional study fees
The media major is a popular major in liberal arts applications and generally takes 2 years to study. Most schools have tuition fees of $30,000-$30,000/year, plus living expenses vary from place to place. The total cost is estimated to be around RMB 600,000-800,000.

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