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Universiti Putra Malaysia, referred to as UPM/PKU, was founded in 1931 and is one of the five research universities in Malaysia. It is also the largest university in Malaysia (about 50,000 people). Boda is located in the high-tech park near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. It covers an area of ​​1,103 hectares and is only 25 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. It is located in Malaysia’s Silicon Valley, domestic and foreign research institutions in Malaysia, Malaysia’s new government management center PURTRA JAYA, and the Malaysian Professional Development Training Center and University.  buy UPM degree, buy UPM diploma, buy UPM certificate, buy UPM transcript, buy UPM fake degree, buy UPM fake diploma, buy UPM fake certificate, UPM degree sample, UPM diploma sample, UPM certificate sample, where to buy UPM diploma, UPM degree for sale. Central area. Located in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor, the Malaysian government is the only MSC to promote national science and technology. In 1973, UPM merged with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Malaya to become the Malaysian Agricultural University. In 1999, it was officially renamed as Malaysia’s Putra University and has a branch campus in Sarawak, Malaysia. Putra University is strategically located as one of the largest universities in Malaysia. Putra University is also a key school that promotes the development of experienced and skilled human capital in Malaysia. It is highly committed to the effective formulation of teaching strategies, scientific research and innovation. And professional service innovation practices.

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