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Trinity College London, or TCL, is an examination body that includes music, drama, art, and English. Most notable is that Trinity College London is the awarding agency for professional performing arts courses in the Dance and Drama Awards program. Every year, students from more than 60 countries around the world take the exams at Trinity College London. Trinity College London began offering external music exams in 1877 and later expanded to other performing arts. In 2004, the external examination department of the City Hall School of Music and Drama merged with the Trinity College of Performing Arts Examination in London to become the Trinity Guildhall exam, providing performance and teaching qualifications for external students such as music and speech. ,  Trinity College London fake degree, Trinity College London fake diploma, Trinity College London fake certificate, buy a Trinity College London diploma, Trinity College London degree order, how to buy Trinity College London degree, drama and dance. In addition to Graded Examinations, London Trinity College Music and Drama offers three levels of diplomas: Associateship (ATCL), Licenticateship (LTCL) and Fellowship (FTCL). Trinity City Hall also offers other performance and teaching qualifications such as music, voice and drama, and dance. how much for Trinity College London diploma, how to make Trinity College London fake degree, how long to get Trinity College London diploma, how to get Trinity College London diploma, how to create Trinity College London degree, The first worldwide English learning and teaching assessment was initiated in 1938 by Trinity College London. Trinity College London offers Trinity College London ESOL English Certificate exams to non-native English students and teachers.

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