Why do we let life become so complicated

Why do we let life become so complicated
People born in the world is not easy to have to live so hard to do.
 In fact, compared to the big city, I prefer the countryside. After a day of work during the day, in the evening to move a small bench, sitting in front of their own, feel the sweet breath of the countryside. Inhaling the fresh air, call out of the aggregate of the day. The best and then have two children stay, children playing with older children, exposed to all honest people. No computer TV radiation on the human body and damage to the eyes, not the size of the factory comes out of the strange gas, no dusty largest car when passing cars. Listening to the rain dripping eaves sound of water and the kids giggle. Now human life is too busy, too much infighting, too cold light. If you can simple, nice. But these are too unrealistic, absolutely fresh air that is wishful thinking, unless it is secluded paradise.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
Then I asked a simple change that can accompany their parents at home, like, have kids around the side of good, work not bad enough can afford to raise the family. What of it, it is not easy to be better than this in the world were born, you have to live so hard to do? When you were born naked to, go naked when they go, we take away what? When buried wearing the clothes it probably did not take long to rot. How much money during his lifetime, leaving a number of glorious deeds it? People are hung up, who cares about that too free. Education often tell us, we must strive to study hard and strive to contribute to the efforts, you see that so and so who Liufangqiangu be remembered to the world. Such greats were remembered, five thousand years of Chinese history and we remember a few.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
 What is sought, not only learned how much, how much do performance called pursuit. I wanted nothing exciting perfectly healthy happily through life, as a little too easy life, this is not the pursuit of what? More Burongyia people in the world were born, have to live so hard to do?
 In fact, for modern people, money and fame but it is best to get the most practical things. The hardest pursuit of a few decades ago that nobody is missing something ……
 Home, adults and the elderly are large age, maybe a sudden when to say no no, why not spend some time in their side of it. Money and fame comparable to those things real accompany it.
What to do every day, so suspicious, the child has not small adults no longer young, are looking to open more, ever easier. Eat what to eat, what to drink to drink, what to buy buy, what further than comfortable life’s more important to do?Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
 Do the net every day like some others did not, how can there be so many thing. Everyone has everyone’s thoughts, why should so much to consider? As he was concerned he would like much more worried about him, how can we know he did not have his own ideas? Are an adult, how do consider yourself?
 Not easy, not easy, we must not live too hard!

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