why we couldn’t recycle voluntarily the books you can see

Today to help students receive books, textbooks will be freshman paper sold by 4 cents a pound; sophomore junior courses textbooks from 1 to 1.5 fold; then I thought spread the word: packed in a sack of money to go to school , in exchange for a sack of books, the book sold but can not afford a sack! This is what happens ah, why it can not be recycled textbooks used? ! Some basic courses there is no need to buy new, waste paper is the destruction of the environment, waste of money is a waste of labor, Mao Yeye said: corruption and waste is the biggest crime! ! !! I think it is necessary to promote it:
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Australia: Textbooks are public property
Secondary schools in Australia, the concept of textbooks is not the same with China. Chinese student textbook is “private ownership”, but Australian students, the textbook with tables and chairs, is public property, is the school. Newly enrolled student holding a teacher to the bibliography and their own library card to borrow books to the school library, the end of the return, then the next classmate to borrow.
UK: recycle voluntarily
British education system itself cost savings for schools to provide the conditions. In the UK, the education sector for pupils simply to develop a loose outline, very rough establishes some pupils need knowledge. Therefore, from pre-school until the sixth grade, are not unified written textbooks, teaching content depends on the instructor, a person decide.
Enter high school, each school has prepared each different textbooks, and this part of the textbook recycling, the British government does not have any hard and fast rules, the schools belong to voluntarily carry out this activity. Many schools and parents also offer advice, they considered the most effective way to recycle textbooks, effectively it promoted the textbook recycling.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
Germany: encourage students to exchange textbooks
Previously, the German school textbooks to recover only those major coated paper printed. Since 2003, the school provides only a small number of textbooks for students from poor families. Many schools through the establishment of a library, and occasional books transactions ceremony held in the school, etc., to encourage students to use textbooks no longer come to exchange with other students.
USA: Textbook number together with tables and chairs
In many American schools, textbooks are the property belonging to the school, together with the number of desks and chairs, not a student. In other words, students use textbooks are borrowed from the school, textbooks should be returned after completion of the school term.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma
During school, primary and secondary schools and institutions of the country, as students will regularly change seats, but the books are placed on the seat does not move the location. And according to school regulations, generally not to take the book home, of course, can also “accommodate”, as long as no damage to the books on the list. Hardcover books are color book, beautifully printed, paper thick and firm, after the sessions the students to use or clean as new. Because of this, the textbook recycling system has already been promoted in the US states. Currently the average life of primary and secondary schools textbooks are more than five years, some states more than 8 years.
Canada: two-pronged approach to promote teaching cycle
From primary to high school 12 years of compulsory education, textbooks recycled mainly through administrative means “rigid constraint.” On public school students, except a few little tuition, without the burden of any other charges. Textbooks are school students to borrow, and generally do not take home every day. However, some students with learning difficulties, but also to take textbooks home, returned to school at the end of the semester. Private schools (about 5% of Canada’s total number of students) need to buy their own textbooks. School year, each student private school has arranged the sale of teaching time, to encourage older students, freshmen to buy used textbooks.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma

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