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Beijing on December 10 news, such columnar basalt structure is similar to Devils Tower and Giant’s Causeway has been to our surprise masterpiece of nature, their formation once let us puzzled. We now know that these dramatic geological miracle by the cooling lava spewing out along the determined angle grain and cracking form. Faced with these magnificent cylindrical symmetry of the structure, we can hardly believe they are the work of nature, but more willing to believe that they are supernatural product.
1. The United States Wyoming Devils TowerFake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
Devils Tower is located in northeastern Wyoming. In 1906, when President Theodore Roosevelt as its first national monument to the United States. Geologists not entirely sure this 1267 feet (about 386 meters) tall pagoda how to form. The vast majority of which is formed around the theory that Devils Tower is the core of an ancient volcano or neck of rock, volcanic outer continue to be eroded. Devils Tower external cylindrical basalt being eroded, soft sand around the bottom as well.
Native American Indian tribes worship a plurality of Devils Tower. A legend tells the bear chased seven girls mentioned this natural structure. Local face rising out of the reach and height to their bear, bear clawed frantically began this big rock, finally exhausted and died. With the 1977 film “Third Kind” release, Devils Tower in modern popular culture also occupy a place of their own. Devils Tower in the movie began as a kitchen, and later became one of the more advanced human point of contact with the aliens.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
2. Israeli / Syrian Golan Heights Hexagon pool
Hexagon pool water and related waterways from the nearby hills of the Golan Heights, these mountains of water cold and clear. Many people might think that the Middle East region should have a typical desert environment, but make them unexpected, abundant local water resources, mainly derived from volcanic rock. Standing on the hexagonal basalt column pool was light gray, hexagonal basalt cylinders pool because there are six corners named. For a long time, it has been affected by these rock structures underground faults affect translation, access to the distinctive twisted appearance.
3. The Italian giant island
Giant Island is located in the southeast coast of the Mediterranean island of Sicily, constituted by a number of small volcanic island is connected to the nearby Mount Etna. These islands consist primarily of black basalt, under the influence of weathering and erosion of water, which evolved into a series of structures as if from another world, including polygonal mosaic structure vertical columns and horizontal.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
In the ancient Greek poet Homer’s “Odyssey,” we can see the giant island’s name. “Odyssey,” the story revolves around the king of Ithaca Odysseus return home from the Trojan story unfolds. Landing on an island in the giant island, Odysseus and his men were caught and detained Cyclops. After take advantage of the Cyclops Odysseus blinded his eyes and fell asleep, they finally escape. Let the pain go crazy Cyclops, Odysseus kept aboard the sailing direction to throw the rock.
4. Korea Jeju columnar joints belt
Columnar joints belt located in Jeju Seogwipo Chinese Oura coastal area, is a huge basalt column structure, stretching 3.5 kilometers. In some regions, the cliffs of basalt columns formed by the vertical height of 20 meters. Columnar joints with Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway often compared, it is towards the sea, because in the sea and land boundaries and long-term impact by various forces, have their own unique characteristics.
Millions of years of years of change in the basalt columns who left a distinctive mark. In some regions, partially fragmented into separate basalt columns tip. In the area near the coast, the waves continue to scour let basalt columns softened round. They like a road artificial wall, people can not help but think of the Incas built walls.
5. Scotland Staffa for Fingal Cave
Fingal Cave is a huge sea cave, Staffa in Scotland along the rugged coast. Staffa is a small, uninhabited island, due to a series of nature to create a geological miracle known, these geological wonder formed by the eruption of black basalt, and as the Giant’s Causeway. According to “Show Caves of the World” website provides information Finger hole 85 meters deep and 23 meters high.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
Finger hole by tourists as “natural cathedral in the true sense.” This sea cave has been given different acoustic properties, capable of distorting and amplifying the sounds when the waves hit. 9 Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott had visited Finger holes. He said: “This is one of the most extraordinary I’ve been places, has exceeded the capacity of any description language influenced by its constant erosion of the sea, the cave covered with red marble, presented by the non-verbal scene. I can describe. “
6. Armenia Ghani Valley
Ghani Valley (Garni Gorge) east of the Armenian capital Yerevan 14.3 miles (about 23 kilometers). Because it is a landlocked valley, rather than near the sea cliffs construction, Ghani Valley offers visitors a rare opportunity to watch a large preserved from both sides of columnar basalt. As a history dating back to prehistoric times landmark, Ghani valley tourists can also visit the headland of a 1st century Hellenistic temple. Ghani’s most famous canyon landscape is “Stone Symphony” (Symphony of the Stones) – Frozen waterfall basalt “organ pipes” as a result of the bottom is eroded and undercut the formation of the Hanging Gardens. Only the brave dare to take photographs or video of tourists in thousands of tonnes of heavy stones dangling below.
7. Gilbert Hill in Mumbai, India
Gilbert Hill (Gilbert Hill) is located on the outskirts of India’s Maharashtra Bangmeng buy black basalt boulders, high 197 feet (about 60 meters). Piece of rock perpendicular to the ground, plus the erosion of the vertical pillar, this has 6500 years of history of basalt structures are some people called the devil trumpet peak Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
And other famous columnar basalt structure is different, since the Mumbai City expanding outward, Gilbert Hill is now under siege in the urban environment. Standing on the summit, overlooking the roofs crowded around the city of Mumbai, however, due to the presence of a large number of quarrying activities bottom of the hill over the years, not only Gilbert Hill pristine natural landscape is destroyed, lost ground once basalt column support, but also to the surrounding population constitutes a growing security threat.
8. California devil pillar heap
Devil pillar heap (Devils Postpile) near Mammoth Mountain in eastern California, near the Nevada. This shape is very symmetrical structure of columnar basalt and drop 101 feet (about 30.8 meters) of Rainbow Falls together, become the devil pillar heap national protected area’s top attractions. The protected area by the United States President signed a decree to establish himself in 1911, but also to respond to the proposed construction of the dam, if the proposal passed, the devil will be blown pulverized rock pillars heap. Basalt structure allows visitors to easily climb the rock wall and the top of the hill, which looks more like a man-made parquet floor.
Geologically speaking, the formation of the devil pillar stack lava flow is relatively young, between 10 years to 70 years. The surface morphology of lava eruption causes lava can not be extended to four weeks as a result, the first 400 feet (about 122 meters) thick basalt layer slowly and evenly cooled down. Experts believe that due to the relatively slow cooling process, so that the formation of long basalt, the same shape of the cylinder, where the majority of the cross-section is hexagonal.
9. Iceland Skaftafell National Park
Svartifoss (Svartifoss, Icelandic “black waterfall” means) Skaftafell National Park in Iceland, columnar basalt structure is extremely rare but impressive example, a drop of 39 feet (approx. closing 12 meters) waterfall pouring down, all year round to watch. Columnar basalt hillside highlights the similarity of their structure visually with the traditional church organ pipes. Svartifoss basalt let waterfall cliffs, they actually did not suffer weathering, straight edge, sharp, show the crystal-like structure. This is because the non-stop flow of the waterfall caused rapid erosion, while Iceland permanently freeze-thaw cycles also accelerated this process.
10. County Antrim in Northern Ireland, “Giant’s Causeway”
“Giant’s Causeway” (Giant’s Causeway) is located in Northern Ireland Antrim plain edge, from about forty thousand black basalt columns constitution, due to local harsh coastal environment, these basalt columns suffered varying degrees of weathering and erosion. “Giants of the Road” with up to 60 million years of history, this channel forming a rolling steps, leading to the northern part of the Strait following the Irish Sea.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
Tens of thousands of basalt columns orderly, majestic momentum amazing. “Giants of the Road” is the world’s natural wonders, in 1986 by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage, 1987 was named the National Nature Reserve in Northern Ireland Department of Environment. According to records, by the end of October 1588, the Spanish Armada ship “Girona” sign (Girona) in the vicinity of the “giant of the road” Coast shipwreck occurred. Warship carrying 1,000 soldiers and other valuables from the shipwreck were sunk or the occurrence of the Spanish warship, which does not include the “Girona” number about 300 crew members. It is estimated that last less than 10 people survived.
Is somewhat unexpected is that the “Giant’s Causeway” first but little known in the world geological community, the situation until the end of the 17th century was able to change. The reason why the outside world ignored, to some extent, with the “Giant’s Causeway” isolated location not unrelated, since many written records this piece spectacular natural wonders and description to exaggerated scale, people feel very real . With the rapid development of modern photography, the world saw the reports, confirmed the previous description is not exaggeratedFake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
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